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Reciprocating Compressor:

Our air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressor packages can be used to match the needs of a wide variety of compressor applications. We carry a wide variety of air compressors designed for home use to air compressors that are used for plant air service. Our reciprocating air compressors are well suited for a multitude of applications.

Product Overview:

  • ½ – 35 hp
  • Up to 175 psig
  • Gas and diesel engine drive models available
  • Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex & Duplex Models
  • Single & Two Stage Splash-Lubricated Pumps
  • ¾ to 15 hp
  • Single stage and Two stage
  • Low noise levels
  • Air or water cooled
  • Ideal for health care, laboratories, etc

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